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You get a bunch of smart people in a room talking and crazy things start to happen.

Such was the birth of 360Bliss.  Brainchild of Jennifer Powell, principal of BlissDom Canada, partner of Splash Media and owner of Hart Galla Events.   Jennifer wanted a place that made smart sense. A place where she could combine her communities and keep the passion, energy, community and education of her live events running 24/7, 365 days a year.

Jennifer pulled her creative team together and suddenly unicorns were flying over rainbows and 360Bliss was born.

Tiffany Grisdale: Education Manager
Tiffany is the dirty girl behind MyDirt.ca and has a knack for organizing a google doc that would make your head spin. Tiffany is the gal who will help you get your advanced degree in all things blog/influencer related, well she’ll put together the workshops anyway. The rest is up to you.

Jennifer Perry: Content Manager
Hailing from Ontario, Jenn is a passionate word-writer, child-wrangler, domestic-goddess faker, wannabee world traveler and social media addict. Armed with a multitude of skills, she enjoys working towards large goals as part of a successful team, which is what initially drew her to 360bliss. Through her role as Content Manager, Jenn is tasked with growing the 360bliss blog, managing site contributors and acquiring content, both syndicated and original to ensure the site always has fresh, relevant content for our member community.

Julie Nowell: Strategy and Development
When she isn’t herding hens on her Salt Spring Island farm, Julie is managing strategic development for brands across Canada and the USA.  A blogger, publisher and “magic maker” she enjoys dipping her toe into creative projects that have a win-win-win philosophy.  Julie manages the marketing strategy at 360bliss, as well as overseas all aspects of the site and program delivery. Julie was the original creative developer of the 360bliss concept.

Technical Development: Christine Nielsen

Technical Development: Anne Radcliffe


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