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Social media and influencer marketing course memberships at 360Bliss

We say we will give you super powers, and we mean it.

Knowledge is power and connections create opportunity. With a 360Bliss membership, you have access to all of that and more. Even though our branding is fun and we love to laugh through learning, we are deadly serious about making the social media and influencer marketing industry a viable business option for you. Join today and let us show you how we can change your life.

Free Membership

We know what you are thinking….will it really be worth my investment?  Grab yourself a free membership and see what you think.  Read our article content, and get our newsletters and maybe we will inspire you to take a leap!

As a free member, you get full access to our article content, as well as the chance to sign up for workshops and events at the non-member price. We give you a free basic profile and will keep you up to date with our awesomeness via email newsletter!


Influencer Membership: $399/yr or $39/mn

Ready to take your blog seriously as a business? Our Influencer Members get a whole lotta love! Full access to our online content, 24/7 access to our forum to ask all those burning questions and you can stalk our job board for opportunities as much as you want (we won’t think you’re weird). You also get a sweet 25% discount on ALL our online courses and workshops, and a 15% discount on all live events (yes, EVEN the live events! Blissdom Canada anyone?)

Not only that, but we let you get a little jiggy with your 360 online profile to make it sexy to all the “others” who partner with us!  Part of our goal is to have you build your online resume with us!  Showcasing your training and work experience, our brand partners will know that you are a reliable, professional and offer the quality of work they want to spend their money on.

Influencer Marketing Courses for Bloggers, Monthly MembershipInfluencer Marketing Courses for Bloggers, Annual Membership

Business Membership $599/yr -or- $59/mn 

Ready to have your business play with the big kids? We have everything you need to navigate this crazy online world with introductory courses on social media, influencer marketing and digital marketing strategy. Sign up for mastery level courses that will help you dominate online!

Using digital resources and influencers will amplify your message to a much larger target audience and grow your business in a way you can only imagine. With a business membership, you have discounted access to our online training, as well as the chance to post YOUR campaigns or job opportunities to our job board. Looking for a social media community manager? This is where you will find one! Not sure what a community manager is? We are here to teach you all about it!

Not only that, but business members will also get a discount when they sponsor LIVE events, running across Canada annually, and that makes some real life sense. If you have been wondering what all the fuss is with The FaceBook, or need some tips on “twittering” we are here to hold your hand and make sense of it all! Its time to bring your business up to the social marketing big leagues.

 Online social media courses and influencer marketing training for businesses. Monthly membership.Online social media courses and influencer marketing training for businesses. Yearly membership.


Brand Membership $2499/yr or $249/mn

Which came first, the Brand or the Blogger?  We believe that neither can exist without the other and we want to welcome you into our community!

With a Brand Membership you get 2 personal user profiles (Master Blogger Accounts) where you can access the site and all of its content and opportunities. You can post to our influencer job board as much as you like, promoting your sponsored opportunities, ambassadorships, part-time or contract jobs, etc. Opportunities can include anything that would suit our members’ skill sets (and they have many skills). As well, you get to become a part of our inner community where you can provide professional comments and feedback regarding the influencer marketing campaigns you have completed, and have full access to the information our bloggers want to share with you.

You can share and promote your brand events, live or online, via our forum and have the opportunity for 360Bliss sponsorship discounts. We will also provide a Brand Profile and featured editorial on our site to let our members know why working with you is so very awesome.

And to make it super easy for you  we are providing an Digital Marketing Concierge to assist you on the site to set up your profiles, and help you find your voice in our community.

Create influencer marketing campaigns for brands. Monthly membership.Create influencer marketing campaigns for brands. Yearly membership.


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