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Use Interest Lists on Facebook to Find Shareable Content

By Tamara Watson

Tamara is a writer and a web designer – at least, she is when she
can find a few moments away from her three kids. Check out her blog at
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Tell me I’m not the only one.

There are days that my blog’s Facebook page feels like a ghost town – I’m convinced that if watch long enough, I’ll see tumbleweed blow across my cover photo. I know that I need to post something good to engage my readers and to encourage conversation, but for the life of me – I can’t think of anything to write.

Ugh. Writer’s block. The bane of bloggers.

Luckily, Facebook itself is a rich source of captivating content that you can share with your readers and keep your page active. Even better? Facebook has made it incredibly easy for you to curate this content by using Interest Lists, an often overlooked but invaluable tool.

Interest Lists

An Interest List is an entirely separate newsfeed that consists only of posts from the pages that you’ve selected – think of it as a feed of interesting links and inspiring quotes just waiting to be shared.

For example, one of the Facebook pages I manage is about children’s storybooks. To help find a steady stream of shareable content, I’ve created an Interest List and added local libraries, literacy advocacy groups, alternative schools – these pages are always good for articles and quotes about the importance of literacy.

Next, I’ve added the pages of parenting magazines and websites like HuffPost

Parents to give me a steady stream of posts relevant to moms and dads. Finally, I followed a few funny pages like The Honest Toddler – everyone “likes” a good laugh.

Now, when I’m stuck for something to share, I can click on my Interest List and find a newsfeed filled with great content that gets my followers talking.

Creating an Interest List

There are are just a few steps to adding a page to your Interest List:

1) Go to a page and click the “Like” button.

2) The “Like” button will change to “Liked” and you’ll see a downward-facing arrow. Click on the arrow and select “Add to Interest Lists” from the menu.


3) Once you click “Add to Interest Lists…” you’ll have the option of adding the page to the default “Pages that Interest Me…” or creating a new list. I recommend that you create a few different lists to keep your inspiration organized.

4) After you’ve added the page to your list, you’ll want to unfollow the page. Why? This keeps all these new pages from cluttering up your regular newsfeed. Simply click the button that says “Following” – it will change to “+Follow”.


That’s all it takes. You’ll find your lists on your Facebook home page in the menu on the left. It’s under Interests, which comes below Pages and Groups.

Take some time today to brainstorm pages that are proven content providers and add them to your lists. Once you’ve set your lists up, you’ll be spending less time looking for shareable content and more time creating your own.

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